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Natasha Weston, MS, LPC has been an individual, family and couple’s therapist since 1991. She received her Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Pennsylvania and initially specialized in addiction, relational issues and eating disorders. She worked as a counselor at Drexel University, Charter Fairmount on the addictions unit, and at The Renfrew Center of Pennsylvania. Then, in 1999, she helped found The Temenos Center where she subsequently worked as a partner for 17 years. She recently decided to form her own practice and is excited to see where her entrepreneurial inclinations will take her. 


From a clinical perspective she has received additional training in EMDR, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Imago therapy, EFT, The Gottman Method, Internal Family Systems Theory, and Attachment Theory. She is also interested in helping people understand their sexual/relational identity and what healthy sexuality means for them. In the last ten years she has increasingly worked with male clients, as well as continuing her specialty in relational and women’s issues.

Her approach to therapy is collaborative, both in terms of a team approach with other professionals as necessary, and with her clients themselves. She believes that it is possible to be both goal-oriented and process-oriented at the same time. She has a strong commitment to the care, well-being and growth of each of her clients. Client-centered work has been and will continue to be the most rewarding part of her work.


As well as contributing to the Weston Psychotherapy Services newsletter and blog, she is co-writing a book which is currently called, "Women's Choices, Women's Voices" with her writing partner, Dr. Deborah Gussman. They have spoken together at The International Women's Conference in NYC and at the Renfrew Center Foundation Conference on their research so far. They are currently busy getting a book proposal together. Natasha has also written for a blog called and one of her articles was re-printed in, and for Medium. Ms. Weston has given and is available to give talks in the area on Body Image, Eating Disorders, recovery from trauma and conflict resolution.

White Rose

A little about the logo: The white rose is significant to Natasha for three reasons. First, she is originally from Yorkshire, England and the white rose is its symbol, representing light and joy, Secondly, she learned in graduate school that Aristotle thought that the best way to understand the essence of a rose was to scientifically look at hundreds of roses. Plato, on the other hand, wanted to understand the rose by looking deeply at one rose. She always connected more with Plato than Aristotle. The third reason is that she wanted to honor both her parents who loved rose gardening and who both died too young of cancer. In addition to writing, she also has an artistic side and enjoyed designing this logo and taking many of the photos on this site.


As far as her name goes, she was known professionally as Natasha Horsley, her maiden name, until 2016. she decided when she formed her own practice that life would be simpler with one name, so she chose her married name, Natasha Weston.

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