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Couples Therapy

Family Therapy 

Individual Therapy 


Relationship Issues

Depression and Anxiety Issues  

Eating Disorders  

Alcohol and Drug Addiction 

Trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder 



IMAGO, EFT & The Gottman Method

Relational Cultural Therapy
Attachment Theory

LGBTQI Training

Internalized Family Systems 


The most general goal of therapy is to develop a healthier relationship with ourselves, with one another and with the world around us. Often this has to do with figuring out how to resolve internal and external conflict in ways that are constructive. When we feel under attack, most of us revert to "fight or flight" methods by avoiding conflict, 'numbing' out the underlying pain, or becoming aggressive and destructive. Often times people say to me, "What's the point of standing up for myself instead? So and so will never listen." I think the point is to know and speak our own truth in a way that is also most likely to keep us safe. In this way we can find both freedom (from the tyranny of symptoms and hopefully from the tyranny of others too) as well as developing a deeper, more satisfying connection and commitment to ourselves, others and the world around us.

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